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Athlete of the Month - April 2019

Starboard CrossFit Star Athlete of the Month


We are always paying close attention to each and every individual member here at Starboard CrossFit. We're not just looking to help them get fit, improve themselves and achieve their goals... each month, we like choose an exceptional athlete that goes above and beyond the call of duty; an athlete that stands out as a shining example of an exemplary Starboard CrossFit athlete and family member. Definitely not an easy task with all of the amazing athletes we have!

Then we ask them to share their story in the hopes that it will inspire and motivate others. Most importantly we want to recognize those dedicated members for their hard work and accomplishments, and show the local community that ANYONE can be a CrossFitter. All you have to do is #justshowup

Make the choice to give it a try, set goals, and work hard. You may be surprised by what you'll accomplish!

This month, we celebrate our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY of being an official CrossFit Affiliate! And with that we are very excited to honor one of our most joyful, motivated and hardest working female athletes that joined our team just about six months ago!

She comes to us from Texas but has been all over this great country of ours and has an insatiable appetite for seeing just how far her fitness can take her. If you've ever been to one of our afternoon classes then you'll be glad you met our amazing Star Athlete of the Month for April, Jenn!

Jenn is one of our more seasoned CrossFit athletes as she's been at it since the early EARLY days of 2010. And to this day she still finds new and exciting fitness things her body is able to do! Jenn has an amazingly cordial personality and is never without a smile or a laugh. And, whether she believes it or not, she is a very sociable, extremely friendly and another one of our most 'coachable' athletes. She has all the qualities we look for in our family members and continues to uphold the values and beliefs we seek to instill in our athletes.

Jenn is setting the perfect example for our other members as to what it means to be a true Starboard CrossFit Athlete and she's inspiring many others along the way. We are so very thankful and extremely excited to see what the future holds for Jenn on her fitness journey and we're so very honored to have her in our Starboard CrossFit family!


What's your nickname/call sign/hashtag?

- My nickname is Jenn (so original)

Where were you born or where did you grow up?

- Born in Houston, TX and raised mostly in Plano, TX.

Tell us something most people don't know about you...

- From July 2017 to July 2018 myself, husband, 2 kids, and 2 dogs lived in an RV. We crossed the country twice and lived in three states in less than one year.

Funny or embarrassing story you'd like to share...

- I was in 3rd grade and brand new to my school. During recess I went to the monkey bars and started hanging upside down by my knees and while letting my arms dangle in the air my smock fell right off and landed on the ground. Luckily, we were required to wear a button-down shirt and shorts under our uniforms.

Words to live by ~or~ favorite quote?

- My husband joined the Coast Guard only 2 years ago, since then my manta has been “Embrace the Change Before You”

What were you doing before CrossFit?

- Before CrossFit, I’d go to the Y, waddle on the treadmill for 30 minutes and call it a workout.

When and how did you find CrossFit?

- I found CrossFit around 2010 or 2011 in Roanoke, VA. It was brand new in the area and it looked interesting. Like most people, I’ll never forget my first workout, 100 push ups for time. I couldn’t move my arms for 4 days.

What ​brought you to Starboard CrossFit​ in the first place​? What was your first impression? How has that changed?

- Starboard was recommended to me when we first moved here, I gave it a shot and kept coming back! My first impression of CrossFit was that it’s hard! That really hasn’t changed much but what has changed is how I push myself to make it harder.

How has CrossFit impacted your life inside & outside the gym?

- CrossFit has given me confidence in and out of the gym. I’ll walk in the gym and feel terrified by a difficult workout and walk out the gym feeling like a bad ass because I just finished it! That feeling sticks with me daily and allows me to be a more confident person overall.

What is your favorite workout, movement or lift? least favorite?

- My favorite lift is the Clean, my least favorite is any type of thruster or wall-ball type movement. You won’t see me at the gym on a "Karen" day!

What are your biggest CrossFit goals and how close are you to achieving them?

- I’d love to be able to do a muscle up one day but there’s lots to do before I even get close to that goal.

Favorite food, restaurant, or cheat meal?

- Mac & Cheese, I could eat that all day every day.

What has been your proudest CrossFit accomplishment?

- In 2012 and still relatively new to CrossFit, I did Barbells for Boobs. The workout was 'Grace' and it was in front of hundreds of people. I was in the last heat so I had plenty of time to freak out, I wanted to only do the bar but my pride got in the way and I decided to attempt to do 55# so I’d at least have weights on the bar. I was last in my heat to finish, but I did it – even my coach was surprised that I did it. I learned so much about myself in that moment but most importantly that I wasn’t giving myself enough credit for being strong and I needed to go harder to see what I am really made of. To this day I actively find things to push myself out of my comfort zone.

What is the most defining characteristic of Starboard CrossFit that sticks out to you?

- I’ve been to several gyms and there’s some gyms that have that feeling and others that don’t. Starboard has the thing, the family thing. You walk through the door and you immediately are included in conversations like you’ve been there all along. You don’t know these people’s names, what they do for a living, or the first thing about them and none of that matters because we’re all CrossFitters looking for a tough workout and that’s enough to know that we’re good people. Eventually you learn names and occupations and while that’s great, it’s not the basis of how we became friends – our common denominator is CrossFit and something about this sport just speaks volumes about people.

What are you up to when you're not at Starboard CrossFit?

- I work from home so I spend a large part of my day at the kitchen table plugging away at work while sitting in my sweats.

And finally, any advice or tips for newbies considering or just beginning their CrossFit journey?

- Just show up and keep showing up. While it may seem like an intimidating sport you gain more than just physical strength. In the end you’ll gain more inner strength and lasting friendships - the added bonus will be the physical strength!

There you have it folks; it's as easy as that... like we always say... #justshowup

We cannot thank you enough for letting us be a part of your fitness journey and for you becoming part of our Starboard CrossFit family. Keep up the hard work and Thank You so much for sharing your story with us as our Starboard CrossFit Star Athletes for the month of April!

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