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Athlete of the Month - August 2017

Starboard CrossFit Star Athlete of the Month


We are always paying close attention to each and every individual member here at Starboard CrossFit. We're not just looking to help them improve and achieve the safest and best possible form that they can... each month, on the anniversary date of our grand opening, we like choose an exceptional athlete that goes above and beyond and stands outs as an shining example of a proud Starboard CrossFit member. Definitely not an easy task with all of the amazing athletes we have!

Then we ask them to share their story in the hopes that it will inspire and motivate others. Most importantly we want to recognize those dedicated members for their hard work and accomplishments, and show the local community that ANYONE can be a CrossFitter. All you have to do is make the choice to give it a try, set goals, work hard and push yourself. You may be surprised at what you will accomplish!

Starboard CrossFit Athlete of the Month 082017 - Scott Burke

This month, we are very excited to honor another one of Starboard's Founding Members as our Star Athlete of the Month for August, Scott Burke!

Scott, like many of our members, is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and one of our original founding members. You'll recognize him as he's a regular face in our early afternoon and weekend classes.

Outside the box, Scott is a devoted husband and father to a beautiful family. He also likes to cook and, as you can see in the photo, he loves to run... for fun?!?! I know, i know... i don't get it either. HAHAHA!!!

In the box, Scott is alway pushing himself beyond his comfort zone, striving to be better and consistently putting in strong effort in every workout. He comes in early to stretch and get mobilized on his own and always greets everyone with that same smile he has in the above photo collage. Scott can also be heard cheering and encouraging others around him when he finishes his WOD. And he's one of the few members to regularly post his WOD results to the website and that's what puts him ahead!

Just like our many other athletes Scott brings contagious energy and positive vibes into every class and event. His hard work and intensity has helped him to continue to become stronger and healthier and in doing so, Scott has set the example and inspired other athletes to follow.


Name (any nicknames):

- Scott Kenyon Burke

Where were you born or where did you grow up?

- Born in Ukiah, CA. Grew up all over Northern California, mostly Lake and Mendocino Counties, in the hills.

Tell us something most people don't know about you?

- I really enjoy cooking, I sometimes have an itch to quit work and go cook somewhere or for someone. I will cook for family and friends for now, they seem to enjoy it.

Funny or embarrassing story you'd like to share?

- None for public consumption. Look....I was in the Navy, I drank.....A lot.....I did stupid S%$#. I got better though.

Words to live by ~or~ favorite quote?

- "Don’t sweat the "small stuff".....There is no big "big stuff". I like that saying, but find myself not adhering to these words often. The other one that I really try to practice on a daily basis is "Do the right thing, even when no one is looking"

When and how did you find CrossFit?

- About 4 years ago we were living in Washington D.C. My beautiful wife wanted to try it and she thought I would like it. I totally objected to this of course. She took (read: dragged) me to a foundations class, and that was all she wrote, I have been going since.

What were you doing before CrossFit?

- I started running when I turned 41 because I was starting to gain weight and be winded when I was doing things that I had done before fine. I have run a handful of Half-Marathons and a number of shorter races, I still enjoy running, usually on my off days from Crossfit I will go for a run. Crossfit was the first time in my 43 years on this earth that I ever touched weights, or done any other type of exercise....seriously.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

- Crossfit is really a type of Therapy for me. When I take a break, for whatever reason, I notice the difference in my attitude and overall demeanor towards life. Physical, mental, spiritual balance is key to living a happy life for me, Crossfit touches each of them positively.

What is your biggest Crossfit goal?

- Just to stay healthy and be here for my 18 Month old son and my wife for a while....or as long as they want to keep me. ;)

What's your favorite ​​exercise, movement, lift, WOD, etc.?

- dumbbell snatches, squat cleans

And what's your least favorite?

- thrusters, air bike, DU's

Favorite ​food, restaurant, or ​cheat meal?

- Mexican anything

What has been your proudest CrossFit accomplishment?

- All of the barbell movements, I never thought I would lift any type of weight, ever. When I figured out (or was told) that it was technique, not brute force (most of the time anyway) that gets that weight overhead, I was on the path to accomplishment and success. Also, Crossfit is for everyone. Scaling is an option I use often, I am the master of the scale. I am not as tall, young, strong as most other athletes but if my technique and form are good, I am getting the same benefit from the movements that they are, no matter the weight.

​What is the most defining characteristic of Starboard CrossFit that sticks out to you?

- Jen and Ronnie are very involved in every aspect of the gym. If I miss a couple of days for whatever reason, I get a message asking me if I'm all right. I like that they care about my well-being and promote our achievements on social media and within the Box. I am also a fan of clean equipment and Gym, Ronnie seems to be "Field Day"ing every day when I come in and the place is always immaculate.

Any advice for newbies considering or just beginning their journey into the world of CrossFit?​

- Listen to the Coaches, Listen, Listen, Listen. Make sure you understand the movements before you attempt them. Even after four years of doing this I make it a point to listen to every word the coach says about that particular movement. I don’t care if I have done 5,000 perfect deadlifts, I always go away with something new or at least reaffirmed by listening to the coaches.

​And finally, what are you up to when you're not at Starboard CrossFit?​

- Cooking, Running, Golf, Fishing are my hobbies. Right now I am raising my son and trying not to screw that up, I love being a parent and a husband, never thought I would say those words.

- I don't know if I agree with that whole 'running for fun' stuff but you're always a great athlete to coach and workout side-by-side! Thanks so much for those kind words Scott.

And thank you for being our Star Athletes!

(we can share some of those Navy sea stories later!)

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