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Athlete of the Month - January 2019

Starboard CrossFit Star Athlete of the Month


We are always paying close attention to each and every individual member here at Starboard CrossFit. We're not just looking to help them get fit, improve themselves and achieve their goals... each month, we like choose an exceptional athlete that goes above and beyond the call of duty; an athlete that stands out as a shining example of an exemplary Starboard CrossFit athlete and family member. Definitely not an easy task with all of the amazing athletes we have!

Then we ask them to share their story in the hopes that it will inspire and motivate others. Most importantly we want to recognize those dedicated members for their hard work and accomplishments, and show the local community that ANYONE can be a CrossFitter. All you have to do is make the choice to give it a try, set goals, and work hard. You may be surprised at what you will accomplish!

Continuing the trend... our early morning 5am class is really on FIRE and this month we're very excited to introduce you to yet another one of our #5ammisfits #breakfastclub members. Also, this member happens to be another one our many active duty U.S. Navy veterans. He has been a dedicated member of our 5am class for the past year and if you've ever been to one of our 5am classes then you'll be glad you met our amazing Star Athlete of the Month for January, U.S. Navy Lt. Matt Clark!

Like last months AotM, Brandy, Matt is another one our early morning rockstars and the one that keeps all the crazy 5am misfits in line ensuring they don't get too crazy after they've had a bit too much caffeine. He stopped by one day in full uniform just to check things out and jumped right on board with us. A true hard worker who is there to improve himself and focuses on his own fitness without let