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Who doesn't like FREE money? Because if you sign up for class and don't show up then you are potentially giving US free money!

As a reminder, If you sign up for class and fail to show up you will most certainly receive an email warning. After three "No-Show" warnings your membership account will automatically be charged a $10 FEE for each following violation. And no, this number does NOT reset after a certain period of time...

It's an important courtesy to cancel your class reservation if you cannot make it (or message us if it's too late). If the class is fully booked and you do not show up, you might be taking a spot that someone else could've used and that isn't very kind.

You have up to 1-hour before the start of each class to sign-up for that class or cancel your reservation.

Let's all try to remember to sign up on time or, if it's too late, ask the coach before the start of class if you can jump in (don't just assume you can join). The class may be full (we only have so much floor space and equipment) so don't be surprised/mad if the coach says you cannot just jump in. You may be asked to wait until the next available class.


  • Use the "Book Now" link buttons shown above on our Facebook & Instagram pages

  • Use our website link:

  • Use the link posted at the end of each days WOD post

  • Save this handy link to your favorites:

  • Download the Acuity Scheduling Client App from the AppStore (iOS/Android). Once downloaded click on the "Businesses +" button and under Business URL type in: ""

We know and understand that sometimes life does get in the way and we forget and can't always make the cut-off time for sign-up/cancellation. For those folks that DO NOT abuse this system we are grateful and will happily overlook this rare occurrence. However, if you are a repeat NO-SHOW or LATE SIGN-UP offender, we know who you are and we're keeping track.

or download the app for easier scheduling (iOS / Android)

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