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HogWeights School of Swolcraft & Liftery Lifttich Competition

Here it is folks. Tickets are on sale now for just $25. For ALL THE DETAILS and how to get registered please see the link below!

If you would like to volunteer please contact Coach Tiff no later than August 24th.

Headmaster Tifferva McKettlebell would like to invite all the houses of Hogweights School of Swolcraft and Liftery to the Inaugural Lifttich Tournament.


  • Liftendor

  • Ravencurl

  • Hufflebuff

  • Slythergains

are requested to have teams ready for the tournament by August 24th. Each House must have a minimum of 4 members (Team Captain + 3 more) in order to participate. If the house is short, we may have a few Muggles to help fill empty slots.

TOURNAMENT DESCRIPTION: The lifts completed during the Lifttich will be the Back Squat and Deadlift. Each member will be given 90 seconds to complete a lift and will be given 3 opportunities per movement. 6 total lifts for each member. The highest weight successfully lifted for each movement will be totaled and that score will be used for the individual member and overall house totals.

We will be using members body weight and weight lifted to figure out the Hogweights best overall male and female lifters. Please see the categories below to make sure you know how to sign up. Each house will be evenly weighed.

The Catch: Each team member will be required to act as a Seeker. While in the position of The Seekers, members will be seeking calories on the Ski Erg while their team lifts and will have 90 sec to seek as many calories as possible. Lifters from each house will lift based on opening weight regardless of body weight.

Opening Weight: Each member gets 3 opportunities to lift in each movement, your best lift counts. Estimate a weight you will make your first lift at and then go from there. If you're not sure, Head Masters Tiffurva McKettlbell and Ronnie Rackeldorf are available for help. Please ask in the comments about if you're not sure. You CAN change your opening weight up to Sept 3. You will have time to discuss with your house team captain.

If you would like to participate but not compete we are asking for volunteers to help set up, judge lifts, keep time and keep score. If you have friends or family that would like to help as well, all assistance is greatly appreciated.

Lifttich Rules, Regulations, Movement Standards, and Just What the Heck is Going will be posted in the next few weeks. You will understand, I promise. please hold all questions until the Rules and Regs have been posted. Movement Standards will be discussed in videos as well as strategery over the next few weeks.


As a reminder, to sign up, you must have the following information:

  • Name

  • Body Weight

  • Age

  • Opening Weight

  • House (There will be an option for Unsure and Muggle)

  • Shirt size

  • T-Shirt or Tank choice.

Sign up no later than August 24th (NO LATE SIGNUPS) Houses will be announced August 26th.

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