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So, Ummm... Now What Coach?



First things first, CONGRATULATIONS on completing your first (or second, or third...) CrossFit Open! We made it! 5 unknown and unknowable workouts completed. It is NOT an easy task putting your fitness to the test and laying it all out there. Regardless of where you finished on the leaderboard, you should be proud. So, again, CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to each and every one of my Starboard Athletes!

Our bodies have been under a lot of stress and rightly so, as the Open workouts are never an easy task. Not only is it a physical challenge, but also psychological. For the past 5 weeks we've tested our physical capacities and pushed our mental barriers beyond limits we never thought possible. Our 18.5 scores have been submitted and now, after 5 very long and intense weeks of waking up every Friday morning and going online to check the Open WOD, that stress is over and the 2018 CrossFit Open season has finally come to a close.

For our box's inaugural year, we had quite a large group registered competitors; a number of our CrossFit veterans as well as some first-timers to the Open. We even had a few new faces to the world of fitness competition and fitness in general that very much surprised themselves. We've all witnessed more than a few personal records (PR's), a few setbacks, many crushed goals and a couple crushed hearts, some injuries, some tears and a whole lot of cheers. Nonetheless, the last few months have been a roller-coaster of emotions for each and every one of us.

For many of our Starboard athletes this Open was the culmination of days, weeks and months worth of training, hard work and sacrifice and then putting everything they've worked so hard for to the ultimate test. And for many others it was a test of confidence, bravery and a huge eye opener into their own physical capabilities and a starting point into a world of fitness possibilities.



We have 11 months until the next Open test. So we continue our path forward, pushing ourselves, improving ourselves, putting in that hard work and effort required to be better than you were yesterday. Now's the time to set the bar higher! Master a new movement, dominate those weaknesses, fine tune that diet, and build that unstoppable engine. Open workouts are a great test, but don’t forget that they only represent a fraction of the number of workouts that we do throughout the year so keep expanding your boundaries.

Don’t rush, don't take shortcuts, focus on one thing at a time, and keep chipping away at it. Setbacks and obstacles are inevitable, so don’t get discouraged. Things will become difficult and there will be times when they may seem impossible. It’s times like these that you need to keep your chin up and head down and just keep on pushing. Be ready to face some tough times, but don’t forget that you are not alone and that you have a wonderful circle of training partners and coaches to help you along the way. The reality is that everyone focuses on the end product, but they never think of all the hard work that goes into it.


During these last 5 weeks, it was you against the world. Now it's just you against you. Your story does not end here. To be continued...

- Coach Ronnie


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