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What's it Worth to YOU?

This is one of those posts that no coach or owner wants to write, but sometimes it has to be done.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” – C.S. Lewis

Healthy competition drives progress. Competition gives us a reason to level up, to not settle. If we are at the bottom, then the desire to not be there pushes us to improve. And if we are at the top then the threat of being caught motivates us to press on. And when this is done in a supportive environment where you are surrounded by equally competitive people who value genuine commitment and effort, your limit does not exist.

But there is a price to pay in order to have access to this opportunity. Hard work, commitment and INTEGRITY.

I want to take a moment to address the rep shaving (cheating/lying) that has been going on. I want you to know that you aren't fooling anybody (except yourself.)

You might first ask, “How do you (the coaches) know it’s been going on?” We know because the coaches aren't fucking stupid and they've been around the block enough times to notice. As coaches, it’s obvious to us when it’s happening because we know our athletes that well. And it's not just the coaching staff that notice; other members are starting to pick up on it as well.

The second question many of you are going to ask is, “Oh my gosh, are they talking about ME?” Probably not. We’re not talking about the occasional error in counting your reps. Sure, we’ve all lost count in a workout at one point or another. We’re talking about blatant rep shaving that is not the product of an occasional, once a month, mathematical error. The guilty parties know exactly who they are and it NEEDS TO STOP NOW.

The third thing some you might ask is, “Well, why does it even matter? It only affects the person doing it. It’s their loss, not mine.” Yes and No.

Obviously, you are robbing yourself but in doing so you've already shown that you clearly don't give a shit about that. How do you know if you're actually getting better/healthier/fitter at anything if you're constantly cheating. If you always shave reps on Fran, then how do you know the next time we repeat it or any workout if you've become better?

But also all of those members that actually do put in the long, hard work day in and day out, you are stealing their accomplishments and inadvertently putting them beneath you. The whiteboard serves as a fantastic tool for our community to support each other on individual accomplishments. It also helps push the envelope by showing us what our friends and peers are able to do – thus driving a healthy and friendly level of competition and athlete development at the gym. When that information on the whiteboard is abused, it diminishes the accomplishments of those who accurately report their reps.

Lastly, and more importantly, you are robbing my fucking gym of it's reputation and integrity. It’s not what we do here at Starboard CrossFit. It’s not part of who we are, what we believe in, and it’s certainly not how CrossFit should be done. There is a level of integrity and honesty that we demand from our athletes and honest rep and workout reporting is one of them.

It’s an easy fix. Make it happen or see yourself out. You know who you are (and so does everyone else.)

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