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THURSDAY | 06.14.2018


  • 400m sprint

  • 1min REST

  • 200m sprint

  • 1min REST

  • 400m sprint

  • 1min REST

  • 200m sprint

  • 1min REST

  • 400m sprint

these should be MAX EFFORT sprints! (NOTE: skip this if raining)



(EXTRA CREDIT: 100 push press same TIME CAP)


The above is a HARD TIME CAP for everybody. That being said, CrossFit Invoke explains the reasons perfectly below.

Reason #1

Intensity– The goal is to finish the workout in under the allotted time by moving at a pace and at an intensity level appropriate to the workout. Let's take Fran for example. Scaled properly the workout should take approximately 5 minutes. It takes less time for advanced and elite athletes and a bit more time for novice athletes. If your most recent experience with Fran was over the 7 minute time cap then the answer is that you need to scale the workout. (or be sure its less than 7 minutes next time!)

Fran is designed to be a very quick, intense couplet with a lightweight thruster and rapid pull ups in succession. It is important to meet the intent of the workout, not do the weights or movements you see on the board. Fran is not a workout designed to get you a bigger 1RM Thruster or Pull Up, its designed to be fast. If you aren’t sure what the intent of the workout is, just ask a coach.

Comparing a 10 minute Fran to a 5 minute Fran is much like comparing a 10 minute mile to a 5 minute mile, except that the goal isn’t really running the mile, the goal is running as fast as you can for five minutes.

Reason #2

We program our WODs at an Intermediate to Advanced level with the occasional Elite level WOD thrown in for funsies. Not everyone is at that level, and needs to scale the workout accordingly. Scaling is more of an art than a science, so the time cap is there to make sure you don’t accidentally wreck yourself, because we care about you!

Reason #3

There is only so much working out you can do in an hour. Proper technique instruction, warm ups and cool downs are essential and will not be compromised. There is a possibility that scaling and volume (number of reps/movements) wasn’t your issue, it’s possible you just didn’t have enough time to work your mojo. Try again during open gym, just make sure that you can’t fedex yourself a package in the time that it took you to complete your solo CrossFit-athon of glory.

Reason #4

Your ego is fooling you. See our previous post about Checking Your Ego which also breaks down the different levels of an athlete and explores the intent of the workout based on the prescribed weight and reps and has a cartwheel instructional video for funsies.

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