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FRIDAY | 08.31.2018



  • 100 barbell thrusters 45/35

  • 100m sprint every time the bar drops below your shoulders (and no resting it on your back either)



With a narrow grip (hands slightly outside shoulder width), set-up in a tight starting position:

  • feet under our hips and toes turned out slightly

  • weight balanced evenly across the feet

  • knees inside the arms and pushed out to the sides

  • back arched completely into a neutral spine position

  • arms straight and elbows turned out to the sides

  • head and eyes forward

  • arms approximately vertical when viewed from the side (shoulders slightly over the bar

​Push with the legs against the floor to begin standing, maintaining approximately the same back angle until the bar is at mid- to upper-thigh (hips & shoulders rise at the same time.)

At this point, extend the hips violently, keeping the bar close to the body and allowing it to contact the upper thighs as the hips reach extension.

Once you have extended the body completely, pick up and move your feet into your squat stance as you pull your elbows up and to the sides aggressively to begin moving yourself down into a squat under the bar.

Bring the elbows under and around the bar quickly into the front rack position as you sit into the squat.

Use the rebound in the bottom of the squat to help stand back up to the standing position as quickly as possible.


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