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Are you looking to learn the basic CrossFit movements or expand your skills? Wanna get that first pull-up, muscle-up, or squat snatch? Or maybe you're looking to compete in your first CrossFit event and need a little extra help on the side to get you ready. We've got you covered! 

It's very tough (almost impossible) to reach those goals or learn everything you need to know from just a one-hour CrossFit class. We'll provide you with that "Personal Training" experience without the personal training price tag from a coach with the experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals! Set yourself up for success!

Our staff of coaches all have MANY years and a wide variety of nutrition & fitness experiences.

Almost anything and everything you could ask for including: Weight loss, healthy living & eating, meal prep. guidance, Olympic lifting & powerlifting, Kids & Masters CrossFit training/programming, gymnastics, endurance, mobility, etc.

Just email us at ask your favorite Starboard CrossFit coach for a FREE 30min. consultation to go over your goals, assess your needs and schedule a mutually convenient time to begin taking your fitness levels to  greater heights!



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