Looking to provide better benefits and reduce overall healthcare costs for both you and your employees? Want to improve productivity, morale and build a stronger community amongst your employees? We strongly believe that the methodology behind CrossFit should be a part of every corporation’s culture, and Forbes Magazine agrees. 

How can CrossFit benefit your organization?

  • Healthier employees have increased energy levels, self-esteem and overall productivity.

  • Healthier employees take fewer sick days, and have lower absenteeism.

  • A healthy lifestyle in a corporate setting creates a much more energetic environment and stronger community. 

  • A no-cost option that provides your team with discounted membership rates and ZERO enrollment fees.

  • Increased profitability with greater worker productivity and lower costs

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Contact us by phone at (843)729-2902


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CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

Starboard is North Charleston’s most successful CrossFit® box designed to suit all athletes from beginners through to advanced competitors. We want just one thing for our athletes…RESULTS! Our team of experienced trainers will help you become stronger, healthier and happier. 

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Starboard CrossFit

Contact us by phone at (843)729-2902
Contact by email at
Contact us by phone at (843)729-2902
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