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Athlete of the Month - May 2018

Starboard CrossFit Star Athlete of the Month


We are always paying close attention to each and every individual member here at Starboard CrossFit. We're not just looking to help them get fit, improve themselves and achieve their goals... each month, we like choose an exceptional athlete that goes above and beyond the call of duty; an athlete that stands out as a shining example of an exemplary Starboard CrossFit athlete and family member. Definitely not an easy task with all of the amazing athletes we have!

Then we ask them to share their story in the hopes that it will inspire and motivate others. Most importantly we want to recognize those dedicated members for their hard work and accomplishments, and show the local community that ANYONE can be a CrossFitter. All you have to do is make the choice to give it a try, set goals, and work hard. You may be surprised at what you will accomplish!

This month rounds out our first year and first 12 Star Athletes of the Month! We want to congratulate that first crew for all their dedication effort and exceptional work ethic!

We also want to congratulate another one of our up and coming new athletes, A Marine Corp veteran that recently began their CrossFit journey with us. It wasn't long after joining us that the CrossFit competition bug bit him. He was previously introduced to the CrossFit way of life by his wife, Allison, and makes up half of one of our strongest, most motivated couples in the box. We're proud to introduce you to our Star Athlete of the Month for May, Matt Grandi.

Matt and his wife, Allison, are a regular part of our afternoon/evening classes. They work hard together and help to motivate and push each other as well as all the other athletes in the box. Quiet yet confident, Matt has that indomitable will to push himself to succeed and to see others succeed as well; a core value we hold fast to at Starboard CrossFit!

Matt got his first taste of competition not too long ago as an individual competitor at this years Festivus Games and is ready to take on some more challenges. When he and his wife are not in the box they're out looking for their next adventure in Charleston and hunting for that elusive 'Best Pizza in Town'.



- Most people just call me "Grandi".

Where were you born or where did you grow up?

- I was born in Malden, MA, and grew up in Nashua, NH (about 45 minutes north of Boston).

Tell us something most people don't know about you.

- I'm a certified SCUBA diver. I don't get out and dive as much as I'd like, but hopefully that will change soon.

Funny or embarrassing story you'd like to share?

- For some reason, I seem to be incredibly skilled at stepping in dog poop. My crowning achievement in this area is that I once stepped in some INSIDE of Logan Airport. I had to scrape it out of my (brand new) shoes with a lockpick in the bathroom, and almost missed my flight because of it.

Words to live by ~or~ favorite quote?

- "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky - Michael Scott

When and how did you find CrossFit?

- My wife Allison introduced me to CrossFit a couple years ago. She had done it for a while and I saw what great things it did for her, so I gave it a try. I fell out of it for a couple years after moving, but I'm back now!

What were you doing before CrossFit?

- I was in the Marine Corps at the time, so generally I was just doing whatever I was told. Basic running, circuit courses, etc.