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Athlete of the Month - June 2017


We are very excited to honor one of Starboard's Founding Members as our Star Athlete of the Month for June, Chantal!

Chantal is one of our original founding members at Starboard CrossFit and we are very gracious that she chose us to introduce her to the world of CrossFit.

Chantal is extremely quiet and reserved but when you watch her workout and get to know her you can see the drive and passion she has to complete each and every WOD. She's one of our kindest but most driven members to coach and she's always so eager to learn each new movement. But under those soft spoken words we can sense a hard charging competitor.

It blew our minds and showed all of us just how determined Chantal was when she walked into the box on Memorial Day to honor our Hero Murph. Crossfitters know the Hero WOD and most are intimidated by just the mere mention of it. The torn up hands from all the pull-ups, the severely sore chest and legs from all the pushups and squats, the pain that seems to lasts for days or weeks... but Chantal seemed cool, calm and collected and stared down that clock as it read 3... 2... 1... GOOO!!! She is definitely an inspiration to us all.

It's ALWAYS exciting to witness a member step far outside that comfort zone and still be so motivated to do their best each day, try new things, and push themselves harder than before, all for the sake of living a fuller, healthier and more challenging life. MEET OUR STAR ATHLETE CHANTAL…

Name (any nicknames):

- My family calls me by my nickname, Shony.

Where were you born or where did you grow up?

- I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

Tell us something most people don't know about you?

- Most of my family is from the Caribbean. My parents, aunts, uncles, step brothers, some cousins and distant relatives were born in Grenada (a.k.a. the "Spice Island"). My family always has a colorful story to share about growing up in the West Indies - whether you want to hear it or not.

Funny or embarrassing story you'd like to share?

- I remember this one embarrassing moment when I was 7. My mom had bought me a new pair of black shoes that I thought was too cool. I would wear them every chance I could get. One Sunday, on our way to visit my grandmother, I had on my new shoes. I don't know- maybe I had a sudden boost of confidence but I decided at that moment that I didn't need to hold onto my mom's hand while crossing the intersection. "I was grown enough" I said in my mind. I waited for the crossing signal to indicate that it was ready to walk and I strutted in the middle of that crosswalk like I was on a runway. As I got towards the middle I tripped over my shoes. Before I knew what happened, I landed on my butt in the middle of traffic. I swear I never heard my mom laugh so hard.

When and how did you find CrossFit?

- I learned about CrossFit two years ago from a roommate. I was impressed by the results she was achieving with CrossFit, but I was too intimidated by the WOD's to even consider joining back then. For two years I vacillated between doing the average joe workout at a local gym, playing basketball, and desiring a more challenging workout. I knew I wanted to push myself beyond what I could physically achieve at the gym; but I also wanted the camaraderie of working out with a team. I did not strongly consider joining a CrossFit gym until my coworker, Naya, mentioned Starboard CrossFit. By the way that she described the workouts, and the people that she worked out with, I could tell that she enjoyed it. Trying Starboard CrossFit sounded like the change I was looking for. I did not have any doubts holding me back at this point. I decided to take an Intro course at Starboard CrossFit about a month ago. I have been attending Starboard CrossFit ever since.

What is your biggest Crossfit goal?

- My biggest goal is to improve my upper body strength. I am a lightweight when it comes to upper body weightlifting. In the past I have skirted around the need to improve in this area and as a result I lack the definition that I desire. I know with CrossFit skirting around this challenge is not an option. My plan is to focus on gaining muscle and strength in my upper body. I also plan to push myself to complete exercises like a full pull-up which I have not been able to achieve successfully before.

What's your favorite ​​exercise, movement, lift, WOD, etc.?

- The power clean is my favorite workout movement. It's one of the workouts I never imagined myself being able to pull off. Every time I able to hit on a power clean, it's a little affirmation that I can do this.

And what's your least favorite?

- Definitely Burpees!

Favorite ​food, restaurant, or ​cheat meal?

- My favorite cheat meal is the classic SmashBurger with chipotle sauce; the Chipotle sauce is addictive y'all!

What has been your proudest CrossFit accomplishment?

- Participating in my first Murph at Starboard CrossFit.

​What is the most defining characteristic of Starboard Crossfit that sticks out to you?

- The positive vibes from everyone you meet is what sticks out for me. As amazing as CrossFit looks, it is still hard work at the end of the day. Going round after round of a set of exercises can get challenging at times. What keeps me going are my teammates cheering me on, encouraging me to complete all of my reps, or seeing my teammates cheer each other on as someone is pushing past their 1 rep max. If I was alone I know I would've given up halfway; I would not have pushed myself as far. In having a team like Starboard CrossFit that is so encouraging, I feel motivated to give every workout my all.

​And finally, what are you up to when you're not at Starboard CrossFit?​

- When I am not at Starboard CrossFit, I enjoy hiking, running and traveling to new cities- basically I do not sit still. :-)

- We love your drive Chantal so keep pushing! And thank you for being our Star Athlete!

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