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Deadlift & Donut Mile 2022


FINALLY... the wait is over!

The Coaches of Starboard CrossFit would like to invite you all to compete, cheer and chow down on some donuts at the Inaugural Deadlift & Donut Mile Team Competition. Open to all members & friends of Starboard CrossFit AND all fitness levels!

Find a partner and join us for a Heavy Weight Sugar Filled Mile of Fun!

Because sometimes... our workouts need sprinkles on top!

Registration is just $30/person and will include a competition t-shirt as well as prizes for top teams. For ALL THE DETAILS and how to get registered please see below.

  • WHEN: Saturday Feb. 12th @10am

  • WHERE: Starboard CrossFit

  • WHO: MM - FF - Co-ed Teams

  • WHY: just cause...

  • WHAT: see below!



  • BUY-IN: 40 synchronized deadlifts

  • 6 donuts

  • 800m partner run

  • 6 donuts

  • 800m partner run



The workout begins with the loaded barbell(s) on the floor and the athletes standing tall behind their starting. At the call of “3.. 2.. 1.. GO!”, both athletes will approach their barbells and perform 40 synchronized deadlifts being sure to stand tall with knees & hips fully extended and shoulders behind the barbell at the same time for each rep:

--- Male Rx 245lbs - Female Rx 165lbs --- Male Int. 185lbs - Female Int. 125lbs ---

After completion of the final deadlift the teams will then be required to consume 6 donuts and complete a 1/2-mile (800 meters) run together... twice! The donuts can be consumed by both teammates in any proportion so long as the team consumes the required total*. Once all required donuts have been successfully consumed both teammates will complete a 1/2-mile run together. Both partners will be working at the same time to complete this workout.

The tiebreaker for this workout will be the time to complete the deadlift portion of the workout.

The workout ends when both athletes have finished the final run together and have completed the final CASH-OUT task.


Teams will be given a trade opportunity. In lieu of consuming 1 donut a teammate may instead choose to complete 12 synchro-burpees. Each team may trade up to a total of 6 donuts.

Athletes with a legitimate medical reason may instead choose to substitute the running portions with a 2400-meter bike.


The time stops after the teams completes 40 synchro-deadlifts, consumes all the required donuts, finishes their 1-mile run to cross the threshold of the gym bay door AND completes the SURPRISE FINISHER task. The final time will be recorded in full seconds – do not round up.

The CASH-OUT portion of this workout will be revealed prior to the start of the competition but please note this will be more a mental test instead of a physical one!

If any athlete vomits at any point during the workout and up to 10 minutes after completing the workout, their team will be penalized with the addition of 2 minutes to their final scored time.


We'll also have a Kids Fun Run for all the little ones (ages 12 & under) to join in on the fun. Registration is ABSOLUTELY FREE and they'll also receive a t-shirt for the event. If you'd like to register your child, please see Coach Ronnie for further details.


  • 20 kettlebell deadlifts

  • 1 donut

  • 400m run

REGISTER HERE: and please be sure to have each partner register separately.

If you'd like to be GUARANTEED a t-shirt please register no later than Monday, January 24th. FINAL DAY to register will be Monday, February 7th (NO LATE SIGN-UPS).

For those wanting to register a child, please see Coach Ronnie or contact us via email at

Also, if you'd like to volunteer and/or help out as a judge, please see your fav Starboard CrossFit Coach! T-shirts will also be on sale at the event for $25 each to those not wanting to compete but still want to be part of the action!

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