Meeting the Bar in the Clean

Most beginner athletes I see usually catch the barbell waaaaaaay too low on the chest (rather than on the shoulders) with low elbows; nowhere close to the front rack position... they're slow to get under the bar, elbows are down, and the bar contacts the sternum well below the collarbone. Once caught (if caught) the athlete then pushes the barbell & elbows up to the (correct) front rack position.

Catching the clean too low like this or pulling too high and letting it crash down onto you is inefficient and dangerous for your wrists and collar bones. Catching the barbell low is usually done out of fear of hitting your neck/choking or bruising your collar bone (from crashing) but ironically you end up bruising somewhere else on your chest and I've never seen anybody ever choke from catching (meeting) a barbell properly.

Wanna reach your full potential and hit a new 1RM?!

Watch this quick video from Catalyst Athletics and DON'T be afraid to meet that barbell on your shoulders! Meeting The Bar in the Clean: Avoid Crashing in the Turnover


| Beginners Guide to Clean & Jerk | Juggernaut Training Systems |

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