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InBody 270 Body Composition

InBody Analysis begins this week (2/1-2/14)

Get with your Coach to schedule your weigh-in; it only takes 3-minutes.

Quickly Determine Your body Composition

The InBody 270 analyzes water, muscle mass and fat mass in five body segments (in under a minute) to provide a more precise muscle-fat and fluid balance. This can be used to help distinguish between muscle and fat loss which helps you get a more complete picture of your success with our program. We utilize the best technology to help you understand how you are reaching your goals.

Get Precise Measurements, Not Just Estimations

Most people can get measurements like Basal Metabolic Rate using calculations found online. But these metrics are usually subjective and based on general estimations using height, weight, and activity level.

The InBody 270 provides a direct measure based off your exact amount of lean body mass. Understanding your lean mass enables you to follow more precise dietary programming that gets results.

Track Changes Over Time

Having access to the InBody 270 scale allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your nutrition program. We can help you assess the impact of your training as well as how your overall diet contributes to your goals. Monitoring your success over time keeps you motivated and gives you insight into how to better align what you do outside the gym with what goes on when you’re there.

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